9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #13: In the Key of Compassion

  1. I disagree, all monsters are self made by an illusory self. And there’s the rub, we can’t fight the self and win.


  2. Briiillllliaaant. It all swam for me, until the end.

    “there is no such thing
    as a self-made monster.”

    But the middle part of this poem strikes a tune for me (“ALL TOGETHER now”….Are we singing our loss and cruelty here? Are we all responsible?…to “feel the pain” and then, to “fell the pain” of how the monster became the monster….)

    Through this poem (which seems so empathic to me) we become the monster (who is not self-made) and then we “fell” like a tree or an enemy…the pain….

    My question then becomes 1) Are we all the monster? but also, 2) Do monsters pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? (MY answer is NO), then we are a kind of Frankenstein creation in our humanity…in our helplessness….so there is a despair that rises up.


    • Thank you Holly, most especially for interacting with this poem poetically, as it was intended. (And thanks too for your over-zealous assessment of my share of Light….).

      I don’t know how to answer the questions that you ask….and I think that I am as ok with that as I think that you are ok with it….(pretty sure we feel the same way about ‘bootstraps’…)

      You’ve sent an arrow to the heart of the piece….for sure….

      “I would rather find better questions than better answers.”

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