Monday’s Music Box: Toe…

…Live in Buenos Aries, 2018…playing to a clearly enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.

These guys are quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite bands. Well…quickly as in over the last 5 years or so….one cannot rush these things…

They’re like punk meets Engrish (sometimes…they’re mostly instrumental) meets post-rock meets math rock meets good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

And I love to watch the guitarist on the right (I still don’t know all their names…but the one on the right, who–sorry dudes–sings rather horribly [but somehow still charmingly and fittingly]).

…and sometimes you can see why he wears one kneepad.
…and sometimes you can see why he duck-tapes his shoes to his feet.
…and sometimes you have to wonder why he doesn’t also wear a helmet.

And, well, the drummer is simply ridiculous.


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your punky day.

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