Wednesday’s World Music Challenge!

(Maybe the beginning of a new series…..we’ll see…)

This Wednesday: Mulatu Astatke, The Grandfather of Ethio-Jazz

The absolute Master. A sound not entirely like anything else you’ve ever heard.

The Challenge?

Don’t. Move.



Just try and listen to this and NOT move.

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible.

Even if by some strange chance you are able to keep your various limbs and digits from thumping, bumping or tapping, I am quite certain that the neurons in your Auditory Cortex will be having their own Massive Dance Party.

It’ll probably raise your heart-rate too….

So there you go. A (BIG!) little something to help you Groove and Boogie your way over (or past or through) Hump Day!


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your day.

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