Separation, a Query Sonnet

Do you know where your son is? Your
daughter? Does worry for them pour
from your mouth like a cataract
into the pool of your chest, racked
open to the sky, your heart torn
from its home there, its old path worn
by the flood—gone, it seems, for good?

This is where I know they once stood.
Here—in this spot—they blew candles.
As we try to get a handle
on our world without them in it,
we pray and still we wait and sit 
with the empty notes of our song
echoing…echoing, then gone.

10 thoughts on “Separation, a Query Sonnet

    • Hmm…well, I would say I’m sorry, but that was kinda the point so…..Thanks? 😉
      I originally wrote this back in 2019 when the whole Immigration separation thing came to light. It’s taken me this long to finish it. I guess maybe Biden’s actually taking some action prompted me.
      I can only imagine what it must be like for these people, especially considering they were (and are) trying for a better life for their families…..

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    • Indeed. I wonder how many people have been moved away from certain strident rhetoric simply by virtue of being parents. The thought of being separated from one’s child, especially a small child….the fact that our government is the party responsible….for months or years….it’s reprehensible.

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  1. I… can barely handle reading this. I read it twice, and it made me cold. It made me feel. I think it’s hard to feel, at times, but you’ve got me there. I just want to run outside and hug the kids now. Keep them here, warm.

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    • Ah…I am sorry. Perhaps I should have given a trigger warning?
      Yes. Too many. And I can only imagine. But the imagining is enough for me to know that consciously and forcibly doing it is wrong, so wrong.

      Much love to you Deborah.


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