Brick City

(a new kind of amalgamating project, the idea for which I’ve been toying with for a while,,,,as I came to realize the rather ridiculous glut of “bricky” images I have in my files)

(a few of these images may be repeats or re-workings of images that have appeared on this blog before)


They’re pretty much everywhere you look in this town…

…probably to rival grains of sand in the Ganges…

…so, yes…

…plenty more to come…

10 thoughts on “Brick City

    • Thank you–I would love to tell you what I did there but I’m afraid I don’t remember. I know I edited it in Silver Efex Pro. I’ve been trying to get better about altering the .tiff file name so that I have some kind of note of what I did but I’m afraid this image is from when I just started using the software. Took me a bit to figure out how to keep track. I’m terrible at keeping notes…. 😦

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      • Oh, I don’t photograph, so there’s no need to bang a head trying to remember. I was genuinely curious because the result is beautiful. It feels like dense and nitid, which is rare for a colourless picture.
        Either way, Johnny, thanks for entertaining my curiosity!

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        • Thank you so much for this appraisal. It means much to me, especially considering that I am color blind. I can see color, but it gets tricky for me rather quickly and so I tend to process everything into monotone. There is though a process known as split-toning that I quite enjoy, where one “tones” the photo with two different colors other than black and white for the dark and light tones respectively or shades of a single color like sepia, or cyan (hold-overs from the days of film and print). I may have split-toned this….just can’t recall….and now? Good luck getting my eyes to figure it out! 😉


  1. The second with the third makes a nice kind of city overview. The first, for me, doesn’t say “bricks.” I notice the arch (I’m not as used to seeing that as you are) and the cars. But I like the disassembled second one alongside the neatly built and reflected images in the third one. It makes me think. 🙂

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    • You have gotten right to the heart of the matter, I think, if in round-about manner. It is precisely the things here in my city that I don’t “notice” that made me decide to put these images in one place/project. Bricks are ubiquitous in this city, for a number of reasons, but they are so much everywhere that we stop seeing them in a way sometimes. Despite the fact that there is at least one realty company and one cider maker named after them and many other businesses to boot, I am sure.
      They. Are. Every. Where.
      In so many states of decay and assemblage and in so many colors and styles.
      While I already have over a hundred images from my archives that are in the potential running for this project, I am also already feeling the distinct need to get out the door with the camera (safely!) to capture more bricky ideas.
      This is going to be fun!

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