Mild-Life Crises….What can happen….

….when you cram a roll (or two) of expired 35mm color film into a cheap plastic Chinese camera that is meant to hold 120 film…..

….among other things, you get sprocket-holes….

…the film is Fuji NPH color negative…

…says so right there in the film strip edge….otherwise I would have had no idea…

…shot sometime around 2008-2010-ish….maybe….

…expired sometime around 2004-2005 or so….

…(only reason I know this is that this film was only made from 2002-2004)…

…the camera is the (cheap, plastic, Chinese) Holga…

…the Quintessence of Crappaliciousness…

(but more that a little fun to play with…man, I love those blues…)

(…this is also what can happen when you forgot what you had learned about keeping the exposures separate…)

15 thoughts on “Mild-Life Crises….What can happen….

  1. Oh so lovely! This is the beauty that can happen when you play around outside of the “rules” ~ something relaxed, exuberant, totally new and unexpected. Oxo

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    • Filmier than film? (I have many times come across an attitude amongst the pseudo-Luddite Retro-Exuberant flavor-of-the-moment photo-gourmand fashionisters that I refer to as “filmier-than-thou”, if you catch my meaning…if you get my drift….cuz I mean wasn’t Anime kinda already retro-chic about twenty years ago? But–ah, well–leave it to the Japanese to produce Yet Another Product that outlives its expected life-span by about twenty more years….I just dropped a rather large sum of money into my 2005 Scion XB but it is the first expenditure I have ever had to make on it aside from oil-and-filter-changes, belts, brake-pads, batteries and windshield-wiper blades in its sixteen years of problem-free life so…..). Bring on the Anime!

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      • Dude, get er up! Your first sentence in brackets up there is one for the ages… just read it three times and realized that the whole reply is in brackets… I’m not inebriated. I am caffeinated. the difference between the two is starting to erode…


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