20 thoughts on “2020….The day after yesterday — Looking out, Seeing in….

    • Thanks so much, Miri. You are too kind. Often with this stuff, I’m just following my gut. Taking pictures that I think are trash at the time, but still following that impulse to grab the camera and image “that!”. Often I think the images a trash for quite a while after I take them. Like months. But I leave them. And sometimes….jsut sometimes…a frame of reference grows as a place for the image(s) (my finger was trying to type “frame of reverence”! I think I like that!).
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      It is really nice to see you round again–if I didn’t already say that.

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      • If that is the result of “thinking the images are trash and leaving them be”, then please… keep that habit up. Beautiful 😁 Beautiful,beautiful work.
        It is good to see you, too. I don’t habe time or the mindset to write much these days, but I usually pop in a couple of times a year to visit and write a bit. Still fobdly remember the “Iron Poets”… that was a great time. See you around 😊

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    • BTW, I was digging through some notes and came across this quote that made me think of you, and not just because your name, in French means “god” (Have we spoken of this before? I feel like we have…). But also because there is something of this “nothing” that I read in your work as well.

      “Dieu a tout fait de rien. Mais le rien perce.”
      “God made everything out of nothing. But the nothingness shows through.”
      ~~Paul Valery

      Not a bad thing at all.
      For me, he is speaking of a very positive kind of negativity, if that makes sense? Something along the lines of Keats’ “negative capability”. I feel that it is this connection with “nothing” that gives the poet their power.


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