15 thoughts on “2020 – 105/366 – Me….

    • Thank you!

      I have been terribly remiss, I see, in replying to your dedicated comments, Lynn.
      My apologies. Not sure where my mind has been this year. Hiding under the rock with the rest of me, I guess. Trying perhaps to run away from the world of words as there is only so much room in my mind for them and my world has seemed to full of problematic ones.

      Hoping to remedy that in 2021. I think it’s happening…the words finding their way back to me….


  1. Wonderful shots, both of them! To me, they capture the essence of our online/social media/blog world. We get to see glimpses of each other, we don’t know what is left out or what there is in the periphery, but we still get some sense of something, someone… We might be filling in information ourselves (or not), but the most important: there IS some connection! (and that’s me talking, who never ever shows my face… but I hope you get what I mean)

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    • I believe I do get what you mean, Gunilla. Though I might make a distinction between “social media” and blogging. To my mind they are quite different beasts. Blogging in a way requires one to be more creative, thoughtful and invested in their interactions. Does that make sense? It is much more difficult to post a blog “off the cuff” or without thinking it through and it seems that most folks (at least on WP–I cannot speak for other platforms) tend to have the same attitude when commenting. I have made some lasting, deep friendships here while I don’t feel like social media has deepened any of my “real world” friendships much. But maybe that is a failure on my part. I have at this point pretty much eschewed social media and VERY few of my friends “from over there” bother to come see what I’m doing here. Maybe I’m a little put out….
      The virtual connections here feel more real to me sometimes than some of the “real” connections over there, as if that process, that method, virtualizes the real interactions while this one realizes the virtual interactions….
      Jeez. I do go on.
      Sorry. It has been much on my mind lately.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


      • I’ll miss you over there on IG, I did see you shared a comment but didn’t get around to respond before your account was gone. Glad you’re still around here! The two platforms do have entirely different vibes. I kind of like both of them, for different reasons.
        I’m so glad to in the meantime have gotten to know your dog (a tiny bit)!

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