NaPoWriMo/NaPoREADMo #12 — Gray


It is a two-tone
gray wound.

It is two woulds:
one high, one low.

Two guns.
Two bullets.

Two people 
bound by

one wound,
one would 

and too many 
coulds and shoulds.

It is a grain of sand,
a small glistening

that sticks in 
the throat of 

the muscle, a 
piece of what 

it must become, a 
shard of what it 

never was, a speck
in the eye of 

a gray sky,
a two-tone

gray sky
the color of lead.

Keepin' the "Po" in NaPoWriMo....

13 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo/NaPoREADMo #12 — Gray

      • My favorite version is this

        She’s wonderful – well, she was – she battled depression, lived in NYC, and jumped from her building and died in 2001. She was well respected in NY. I remember hearing many years ago that she was a real stickler for getting everything right, especially the lyrics – pronunciation, etc. I think there may be a Terry Gross interview with her from way back. You’ll see the Waters of March song is an Antonio Jobim composition, cool, eh? 🙂

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        • Ah yes! I know this song. Just didn’t know or forgot the title. I’m familiar with the Jobim version actually. I think this is the first time I’ve heard a version in English though. Thank you so much for sharing. I knew Susannah McCorkle by name but was not that familiar. What a shame. Especially having produced such an amazing version of a song with such a hopeful note to it. Ah, well, those who bring joy the most often also struggle the most in finding it.

          As a side note, I got a bit of a chill when she sang the line, “..the song of the thrush…”. The wife and I just took a little drive and saw a wood thrush in the front yard of a house nearby. We were just talking as we came home about how I never remember seeing them in the city until recently, and now we’ve spotted them on a few occasions in just the last year.


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