NaPoWriMo/NaPoREADMo #3 — The garment speaks only of garments

…and taking things off….

The garment speaks only of garments

We all have them. 

Notions that we did 
not ask for, nudging us.  

We entertain them. We listen to them.
We ask them to dinner and sometimes
we even let them in.

We try not to let them slip by,
unnoticed. We look at them,
admit that they are our own
and we try to own them.

They are angels and
we try not to turn
from their brilliance.

They are demons and 
yet we seek them out.

We do not let them 
pass by us but rather
we pull them through us.

We push them
through our bodies
like living swords.

We help them 
through our homes
like burning guests.

We pull them 
like twine 
through an earring hole.

We feel them pass through our bones
like rough thread through the eye 
of our own heartful needles.

We take aim and sew
with them. We sew
them into garments

and dwell in them
for a while.

We warm ourselves in them
and we warm our selves 
in the making of them.


It is cold, so

we give them to others 
to try on, to
see if they fit,

to see if they too
find them warm.

If they do not, then 
we move as 
the moment moves.


The garments remain
for a time.

They  say,
“I covered this.”

“Remember this?”  


“It is all right.
I will remember it for you.”


We pull them off,

leave them
on the floor and 
walk out of the room.

Keepin' the "Po" in NaPoWriMo....

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