NaPoWriMo/NaPoREADMo #1 — Between

And now for one of me own….

A night poem….on night themes….things our minds do in the dark…while we are otherwise  occupied…. 


Our city is on fire tonight.
This makes us nothing
but the citizens of another
burning city. The flames 

lick us in our sleep and touch 
night-stifled cries that cannot 
hide any more in the brick and 
mortal chords of inhuman choirs.

Our city has burned before. It has 
burned many times before. This is 
no novel thing. This is not a tale but 
an ever-present beginning, it seems,

the nose of our story burrowing 
deeper into the earth, further and
further from the root. The earth 
now is more haunted than the sky.

Tonight, perhaps I will go down 
into the basement and be haunted.
Our city is on fire and this is our place 
between was and ever becoming.

Keepin' the "Po" in NaPoWriMo....

8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo/NaPoREADMo #1 — Between

    • Thank you Angie–
      I’ve been a little worried that I would be able to come up with a full 31 pieces to publish as my writing has been squeezed down to a trickle in the last couple of years, but it appears that the tap is opening up……

      Liked by 1 person

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