Monday’s Music Box: Jazz Soundtrack for Cooking…

Well, I usually do longer tracks for Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing and shorter stuff for Monday’s Music Box but I promised Trent some groovy music to cook dinner to and then….well….I kinda lost track of the days….

So here you have it.

Monday’s Music for Making Meals….or something.

We return to the Eastern-European Jazz stylings of one of my favorite guitarists, Gabor Szabo. Hungarian born, emigrated to the US sometime around 1956 following the Hungarian Revolution.

He had a truly unique style of playing that, once you hear it, is unmistakably his own.

I find his music to be the best cooking music ever.

With varying levels of cheese.

He can get pretty cheesy in his choice of cover tunes, but somehow always seems to inflect it all with his unique Eastern flavor.

Here is his 1968 release from the Skye label, Bacchanal…


You know the drill.

Press play.

Go on about your meal-making day.

(Just watch you don’t use too much paprika…)

You can find plenty more Gabor on YouTube, of course, and my previous sharings


1 thought on “Monday’s Music Box: Jazz Soundtrack for Cooking…

  1. I love Eastern European style but don’t know that many musicians, so this tip is SO welcome, thanks! Am listening to Bacchanal on Spotify right now, I sense this will be a jazzy weekend (and I bet this music is great for jewellery making too 😉 ).

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