2020 – 081/366 – Mild Life Crisis II — Sneakin’….

…through the alley with Holga…

…Kodak E100GX 120 color slide film…

…expired sometime around 2002-2005…

…shot sometime around I-don’t-know-when…

…(2007? 2008?)…

…first roll I had put in the Holga for a while…

…I was getting used to its primitiveness again…

…a double (or is it triple?) exposure on the last one…

It was perhaps Holga images that gave me my (possibly unhealthy) penchant for the vignette in all its myriad forms…..these here being a wholly natural result of the Holga’s inherent plastic crappiness.




9 thoughts on “2020 – 081/366 – Mild Life Crisis II — Sneakin’….

  1. I got a creepy End of Watch vibe from this (great movie, that features an alleyway like this in its penultimate scene). Expired film, eh? So is the expiration responsible for the dark border or is that something you inject?

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    • It’s on my watchlist now–as soon as it shows up somewhere to watch for free I’ll check it out. (Just checked–it’s on Amazon but for $4. I’m cheap.)

      The dark border or “vignette” is a natural result of the edges of the lens infringing on the image area on the film plane. That compounded with the fact that the Holga is a Paragon of Crappitude. It is 99% composed of plastic, including the lens. Using one is exercise in the Elevation of Flaws. Seriously. You can’t even tell if your picture is in focus or not until you develop the film.


    • Thank you, Lynn.
      I kind of think these are rather ugly. I was really just re-familiarizing myself with the Holga—not really thinking about what I was doing. But then part of working with crappy cameras is making Ugly into an aesthetic.


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