2020 – 021/366 – City Seen — Continental Fox….

…The Continental Life Insurance Building…

…as seen over The Majestic Fox Theater…

…in historic Grand Center…

…(this has become a centerpiece in my Mythic Urban Home Landscape)…

…(one speaks in understated art-deco tones while the other says, “HELLO DOLLY!”)…

4 thoughts on “2020 – 021/366 – City Seen — Continental Fox….

    • Thank you, Lynn. I have been thinking now of doing a series of images of the Continental Life Building as it is the tallest in the area and so shows up as an icon in the background of the landscape in the Grand Center/Mid-Town area. I already have “found” it in a few images of mine where I wasn’t exactly “looking for it” as well as some where it is central.


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