New Domestic Seen — Shadows, Silhouettes, and….


…well, yes…color….

…because, even though I am color-blind (I still prefer that term to the current [and apparently] preferred term, “color deficient”…

…(I mean–really–“deficient” is supposed to sound better than “blind”…?!)….


…(I’ve been quite comfortable thinking of myself as color-blind for about as long as I’ve been thinking about color so…)…


…(…and I mean it’s not like it’s any kind of real disability anyway…but that’s really neither here or there–ok, it might be there somewhere [-else] but it’s definitely not here because this is just a stupid post about windows and shadows and birds and stuff…)…

…so, anyway, yes, color, because even though I am color-blind, blue and gold are still a smashing combo (especially when combined with an antique buffet, a new/old rocking chair and the silhouette of our bird) (…and yes–before we have to go there–yes, I can see color….sort of….I just see it differently from most folks…)…

…and, because, well,,,stained glass…it’s kind of a South Saint Louis Thing…

…(the first and third might look the same to you [ok, maybe just to me–maybe they don’t if you have normal color vision but to me they kind of look the same–except that I know they’re not] but I assure you, they’re not!–they’re a matched pair…like I said…it’s a South Saint Louis Thing)…

(…click on any image to embiggenate and activate slide-showy-thingy…)

…so there you have it: a post about shadows and silhouettes and color and color-blindness--er–sorry–color-deficiency and stained glass and South Saint Louis and…birds….and silliness (of course)…and stuff…

4 thoughts on “New Domestic Seen — Shadows, Silhouettes, and….

  1. No, deficient does NOT sound better. Seriously! How about uniquely sighted? Ugh, that’s a stinky one. Back to color-blind. I don’t remember if we talked about it but my SO has the same condition, if I can call it that. Red/green color blindness. Makes for some amusing goofs sometimes. Anyway, I love the warmth and intimacy of this series. Lovely.

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    • Yes–it’s been mentioned before. I am red/green also. I am also fine with “condition” as it conveys something of an experience that we can all relate to, which really? can’t we all relate to seeing things differently from the way that others do?
      I look upon my “condition” as a boon as I really believe that it has allowed me (given me room) to embrace the process of seeing things differently as part of my self and therefore also the deep acceptance of being different. It has allowed me the luxury of questioning ontological assumptions. You know that phrase that is (somewhat) popular on t-shirts and bumper-stickers? “Question Reality!”? Well that is something that to at least some small degree I have been doing for a very long time. Who gets to do that?! The Color-Blind, That’s who!


      • My impressionistic, loose memory vaguely remembers talking about this with you before. But it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the meaning of going through life with red/green color blindness, for you. Very interesting. I think of Question Reality as a sort of 60’s or 70’s thing but maybe I don’t remember that well, either. In any case, I always embraced same, but would have to trace the roots diffeently. 🙂


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