OBX in the Autumn — Bodie Island Lighthouse

Finally getting around to posting more from our trip last fall to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. (While also finally getting around to posting anything at all….)
(Some weird things happening here due to the circular polarizer….and user error….)

7 thoughts on “OBX in the Autumn — Bodie Island Lighthouse

    • Thank you, Rebecca. It was much needed, although I think I enjoyed it more than the wife or daughter did. It was a long drive. I didn’t mind but then I grew up traveling and always enjoy capturing a fresh perspective on the world around me in images.

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  1. OBX – I never did get there. My loss. We miss you over here in notinstaland, but it’s OK. I like the black and whites here. You think you need a polarizer in a place like that, so bright, and then weird things do happen, and you make lemonade. After all, it was summer.

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    • Haven’t actually been over in Instaland lately either. Lots going on. New house, moving, the wife had surgery. Things are starting to settle down. I’m coming back around….

      I just had forgotten about not shooting with the sun at 90 degrees to the lens when using a polarizer. Creates that weird shading in the sky….which is a kind of lemonade, I suppose. Thanks!


      • Wow, take a rest! That’s hard, so many major things, especially around the holidays. I hope your move has been as smooth as possible, your other half heals quickly, and like you said, things do settle down. Take care!

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