Monday’s Music Box: House of Waters

…Live at Paste Studios

Such a unique trio.

Hammer dulcimer played by a gentleman with classical Indian musical training, a Japanese six-string bassist and a drummer/percussionist from Argentina.

Such a blend of sounds and traditions.

In a mesmerizing (and informative!) live performance.

Never have I heard such a style played on hammer dulcimer.

Such a versatility of sound produced on that six-string bass.

Such contra-punctuality (Yes. I totally just made that up.) between the drummer and the dulcimerist (Yes, I made that up too….).



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Box: House of Waters

  1. This was an enjoyable listen, Johnny, and look, too – I love watching percussionists. It does the soul good to see these guys exchanging looks while they play, too. The bass player gets some great sound going, but they all do….thanks!! (I wandered around the house taking photos while listening).

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