Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Shadow Theater

A more recent project from Armenian jazz pianist and composer Tigran Hamasyan.

You may remember him from his work with oud player and composer Dhafer Youssef, which I previously shared here.

The Shadow Theater project really highlights Hamasyan’s unique compositional style, influenced by jazz, western pop, traditional middle-eastern musical modes and his Armenian folk music heritage.

The combination (especially on the first composition) of Tigran’s piano, Chris Tordini’s smoking bass-work, Areni Agbabian’s vocals and Nate Wood on the “batterie” reminds me of one of the greatest 70’s-era jazz fusion bands, Return To Forever. (As a bonus, I’ll add one of my favorite RTF tracks at the end of this post.)

And Tigran himself? A consummate artist consumed and fully embraced by his passion in the act. If you’re like me, you’ll have a hard time tearing your eyes away from watching the performance.


You know the drill.

Plug it in (decent speakers definitely recommended).

Press play.

Go on about your day.


S.S.f.S. Bonus Track:

Return to Forever, 500 Miles High.

With Chick Corea(electric piano), Joe Farrell(tenor sax), Stanley Clarke(bass), Airto Moreira(drums and percussion) and Floa Purim (vocals and percussion).

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Shadow Theater

  1. Another delicious offering….from another unknown continent….actually more like from underwater, at times. I love the way the vocalist’s voice blends in! And the creamy sparkle, if there could be such a thing, of the piano.

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