Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Highlife….

…as embodied by the music of the great Alhaji K. Frimpong.

How can you not love a name like “Frimpong”?

And the music—Man! the music!

Old-school original Afrobeat, Afro-Funk, Afro-Soul, Afro-R&B–whatever you want to call it, you gotta get you some.

Such great feel-good feels.

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Soundtrack for Surfing: Highlife….

  1. Oh, that beat…yes, good TIMES! Once again, you brightened my day. (Sometimes I wonder how these upbeat sounds came out of a place that must have been tough, very tough, to get by in, all those years ago. But then look at what was created here….)

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  2. Thank you, once again….you’re right on the mark, it’s the Blues mentality. I read the Sun article, and it’s interesting to learn about his life – it’s always interesting to hear about people’s lives, isn’t it? But not the whole Poetry article…too many piles of things to get through. I love “A Brief For The Defense” and I may print it out, to have around. Wonderful poem, maybe a good antidote to the pervasive, distressing noise of news these days. Also, loved the poem about his Danish interlude, the baby and “Pittsburgh.” Brilliant.


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