Form (Less)

How do we dress...

...these forms... 

...that we find in the night?

Are they so ancient within us... 

...that they disappear... 

...into that with which we clothe them?

Do they hide behind... 

...what we put upon them?

Are they only there... long as we look... 

...or as deeply as we see?

Or do we peer into a dark... 

...and empty... 


18 thoughts on “Form (Less)

  1. I agree with the person above, the pacing is just right….and there are so many intriguing images. I like the progression in the first four – and love all the empty, atmospheric spaces. And the questions – hopefully no answers are expected. 😉

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    • Thank you so much Deborah. I have been thinking much lately of how to incorporate words and images. Trying to loosen my concepts of what that means and what can be done with the two together. Trying not to be too controlling, let the images and words come together as they need, even if it doesn’t seem to “make sense”. I’ve been reading/viewing Teju Cole’s “Blind Spot” which really opens up what is possible.
      Thanks again for your sustained interest. I very much appreciate it.


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