9 thoughts on “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a City from Behind the Wheel (on the way to and from the Magpie’s school)

  1. At a complete stop, I assume? 🙂 I like that old architectural detail in some of these, I’m counting 14… and the 13th looks like a Sycamore tree with all those little balls hanging from it – I don’t see many of those here. My favorites are the first and ninth – if I count right – the one with the strong shadow and partially obscured lettering. Love that.

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    • Oh yes. Always at a stop. The worst that happens is I get honked at for not taking off fast enough when the light changes.

      You made me re-count. Still pretty sure it’s 13…

      That’s one of my fave’s here too. Lots of old painted signage in this town. I keep meaning to document more of it. It’s everywhere. And fading/disappearing all the time….


    • Yeah, but not all of them. 3, 5, 9 & 10 if I remember correctly, the rest were with the 70-210 f4, “The Beercan”, an old Minolta lens that you can get on eBay for around $100. Pretty good zoom range for driving around and reasonably sharp.
      The Lensbaby shots were all with the Velvet 56 which actually gets pretty dang sharp when you stop it down. I think these were all at f8-f11. I think…. It’s all manual and I don’t take notes so…


      • No, we ain’t takin’ notes while we’re shooting, are we? Got better stuff to do. Really. But it would be nice if the camera could record the data from those lenses.
        Thanks for explaining. The beercan lens would need an adapter for micro 4/3 and would be big, I assume. Annoying. 😉
        You didn’t say whether you were in the driver’s seat, at a full stop….or did you employ your driver for this shoot? 😉


        • Oh, I looked…shouldn’t have. There’s a minolta beercan group on Flickr…very nice! And it would get me closer than my current lenses. Hmmm…but so big! I’d need to stay in the car and let the driver get me around…roll down the window…steady it on the door…. 😉


          • Yup. I reckon that Beercan would dwarf an M4/3 Oly. Out of curiosity, I just weighed mine. Damn thing’s over a pound and a half.

            Oh, and I told a little lie. The Velvet’s field of focus is actually a wee bit curved, just not as noticeable as other LB lenses. Got a picture I’ll be posting soon that really shows it. I imagine in would be even more pronounced on a full frame sensor.


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