Critters in Squares

Just that.


Twelve of them.

(Although, to be fair, some of them are repeat visitors.)

Within the garden.

Within the frame.

If only for a moment.

Doing their Critterly things.

3 thoughts on “Critters in Squares

  1. Wow, enchantment! The colors, the forms…and all quite un-winterly. The Cabbage white butterfly photo is lovely, another way to look at something we see so often, and the colors are gorgeous. They aren’t really white at all, they’re all sorts of warm paleness. I think the little guy in the upper right is some kind of Skipper maybe – I like the way you caught him. The bees are beautiful. Even the fly is – and what kind of leaf is that, with the oddly designed veins? I know the “fancy flower” those bees are working on but I can’t remember the name…typical. And the last image really takes advantage of that lens, baby! Thanks for the summer break!

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  2. Yes, cabbage butterflies really are more pale yellows and…beige-iness?
    Yes, a skipper. They love our yard but can be buggers to capture–always skipping off somewhere else before you can trip the shutter.
    No recollection of the leaf the fly is on but the fancy flower is a toad lily, I believe. Some kind of lily for sure anyway. They are lovely and the bees and wasps love them.
    Thanks for stopping by.


    • Toad lily, that’s it! There were some in a garden I used to care for in a previous life….Skippers are even harder than “normal” butterflies – you reminded me. And really, really hard to identify. I think a lot of people aren’t even aware of them at all. But you caught its tongue! 😉

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