out here

so many 
more roadside wreaths out 
here where youth 
have so much 
less to do and yet so far 
to drive to do it

Shadorma November, Day 7 (six days late....)
(...or does that make it five?...)

5 thoughts on “out here

  1. Well done – this is bizarre maybe, but do you know or remember Burma Shave signs? I can see this poem done that way on a country road, one line at a time, spaced out, a message to make people think. I hope you like the idea. 😉

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    • Love it! Though I do remember the signs, I think it’s more from a little book my dad had of pencil drawings of some classic examples. I feel like maybe I saw some on the road but I could be imagining it. Memory fills in and fudges the boundaries.


      • It does, that’s truth! I think we saw them in upstate NY, when we’d take road trips. And when we three kids got cantankerous, my father would say he’ll give a dollar to anyone who sees a deer. Deer were much less common back then, and a dollar was big. This also brings to mind the frequent roadside memorials we saw in southeast Arizona, a place that fits your description. Perfectly.


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