14 thoughts on “A Medium-ish Circuit

    • And I as well, Ron. I also have an affinity for “Dutch angles”. Altering the axis of how we normally view the world can be therapeutic I think.
      And I also have an affinity for power-lines, telephone poles, cell towers, all the crap we throw up into the sky like hairs on the skin of the human infestation of planet earth. I have many, many of these that I am currently trying to get my conceptual mind around. Trying to come up with a title for the series. Recently I came across this piece by Merwin which blew my mind (he always blows my mind) and fits right in with the concept:


      This line in particular:
      “what we see is never what we touch”

      There is something happening out there, where we reach into the void, grappling with our frustrations in emptiness…..


      • Merwin’s poem sends me off into a spin. I want to write and write about the shadows, their long wings and why we can never really see what we touch. I want to say something coherent about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the ultimate shadow story. I want to take the world in through the maw of my camera’s lens and return it raw and bloody, still breathing, so that everyone who wasn’t there can know what I saw at one instant in the show.
        Merwin is one of those poets who never ceases to amaze.
        I have seen a number of your photographs of lines, towers…, it will be a beautiful collection when you put it together.

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        • If I could pick one poet to emulate (but not too closely…), it would be Merwin. If I had to pick one favorite, it would be him.
          Indeed, the shadows are as old, or older, than we are, the true ghosts that haunt us, the long shadows reaching deep into our animal past, and far forward into our animal endings.


  1. “There is something happening out there, where we reach into the void, grappling with our frustrations in emptiness…..” This is the kind of line that is worth stealing, proper credit to the source of course, but really, this one is good. Is this from a poem you wrote or is it a stand alone stroke of genius?

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    • Well, ’twas a bit of a stroke, I suppose. Don’t know about the genius part. More of a clot floating about in the arteries of the mind.
      These images, these thoughts, have been haunting me for some time. They seem tied, somehow, to the naming of this blog in fact. That prayer. That loneliness. That loss of our place in this universe. This losing of our selves in this universe. The overwhelmingly distinct possibility of a universe without us in it.
      You are very welcome to steal, Ron, with credit, yes thank you. Not too many people I would feel comfortable saying that to, but you, sir, are definitely one.
      And thank YOU for sending me off into a spin!


    • Ok. I won’t ask. But I AM intrigued. Always happy to here that anything of mine has stirred something in the mind of the reader/viewer.
      I don’t usually question such associations in myself, but I do pay very close attention to them.
      Thanks J–good to hear from you!

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