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  1. Did you take these with your camera? I’m just wondering if you take your camera to the bar, because I think that’s a great idea if it’s a local place. Are there still corner taverns in St. Louis? I always loved the one in my neighborhood. My dad was a hipster in his day. Went by the name Jerry. Told me he once sported a zoot suit. Don’t know where or why I’m coming from but it’s early and I’m looking for something to do, so I thought I’d talk to you in your sleep.

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    • Yep. With my dslr. (the one that just crapped out and had to be replaced…)

      I actually took these at a cafe/restaurant/bar that I was working at for a bit. Just filling in one day a week for the owner who’s a friend. Just having fun on a slow monday night.

      Still plenty of corner taverns in STL. Most of them are pretty gritty. (yes, even more-so than the rest of the city, which these days I guess is saying something).

      I’ve actually had an on-again, off-again relationship with the bottle. Even when I’m on I was never one to hang at bars, though. Too noisy (I have lousy hearing) and I’m a bit of an agoraphobe. Don’t do crowds well. (Funny, but drunks have a rather strong tendency to get on my nerves very quickly, whether I’m one of them at the time or not.)

      Thanks for stopping by. Always good to see you about.
      And thanks for the somnversation!


  2. These are wonderful, again! Were they done with the Lensbaby? I’ve been using mine a little more, and managed to get a few images I liked recently, but still find the focus difficulty frustrating. That may very well be due to the lens being mounted with an adapter, since it’s for a different camera system. Or maybe I just need to let go of the need for a bit of in-focus in every photo.
    Again, these are beautiful and evocative.

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    • Yes, but a bit of a different Lensbeasty, the Velvet 56, which is quickly becoming an all-around favorite. Super soft (but smooth and fast–f1.6!) wide-open, but gets progressively sharper as you stop it down. It’s not part of the optic swap system like the composer, etc. but a stand-alone lens. Great macro tool too. A true 1:2. Focuses to about 5″. It gives a flat plane of focus rather than a sweet-spot, too.

      Not sure about the adapter issue. I have heard that that can sometimes lead to some infinity-focus issues but it looks like your doing fine with your combo.

      You might take a look at these:



      Not sure if they may be of use to you. I don’t know much about oly’s and their mounts.

      Letting go of focus-fixation is a big help for sure. Or at least what we usually think of as a well-focused image.

      Having looked at your images for a while now, I almost feel like you might be better served with one of the other optics. Maybe the Single-glass or the soft-focus. You might be able to find one pretty cheap on eBay if you keep an eye out. I might actually have a spare single-glass around that I would be willing to part with if you’re interested. I have the Original LB which is still one of my favorite lenses and it is basically the same optic, though for some reason and in some way that I can’t quite put my finger (or eye) on, I prefer my Original to the swappable Single glass.

      Oh, shit. I’m totally geeking out again, aren’t I?

      I’ll stop now and just say,
      Thank You!
      And if you’re interested in a Single glass optic (or the loan of a soft focus optic) just let me know. I’d be happy to send one (or both) to you.

      Again, you are very kind. Thank you!


      • YOU are very kind! Go ahead and geek out, I’m not a techie type so it’s challenging to follow, but that’s good for me. I’m slowly getting round to understanding a few of the rudimentary things. 😉
        The Velvet 56 sounds wonderful.
        Maybe it’s not an adapter issue, but a letting go issue. These photos show that one doesn’t need any purely focused area in a photo for it to be successful. I’m temperamentally a person of oppositions – I love the detailed, “objective” rendering of a subject and just as much, I love the dreamy, poetic abstraction. I love the city and the wilderness. Sometimes the oppositions but up against one another and I get confused (god knows how much it must confuse the people around me!).
        As you probably guessed, cost was an issue, hence the LB that had to be adapted. I’m not sure about the single glass – does screw on to the Composer? Hopefully not to the adapter end? Looking at my Composer, I THINK there are threads on the lens cap end, but ‘m not sure.
        Thanks again for your help and encouragement. Now I’ll take a look at those links….

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        • I’ll be posting much more with the Velvet soon, as it is on my camera much of the time lately. I totally get the oppositions. I often feel at war with myself. I think this is why I write poems. It is a place and a means to make peace with (and within) myself, to accept my own contradictions.

          Cost is an issue for me as well. The only reason I was able to acquire the Velvet was because I took it as payment for working the booth at a photo expo for the LB company last summer.

          The Composer (along with the Muse and a couple others) is part of the “Optic-Swap System”. There are three little indents in the front of the lens where the swap-tool (which comes with the optic when you acquire one by itself) fits in and releases the optic. It can be a bit confusing. I’ll see if I can find any pictures/videos around that might make things a little clearer.

          If you want to shoot me an email, I would seriously be glad to send you that Single Glass optic (with the swap tool/case).

          Thinking I may put together a post specifically about the Lensbaby’s and my ‘journey’ with them. They have been a big part of my life since 2007. Ten years!


        • It’s funny, too, but I have been leaning more into abstraction in my photography and objectivity in my writing lately. Thinking more in basic compositional/design terms in images and at the same time bringing my poems back to earth. Trying to not try too hard to be “poetic” if that makes any sense.

          I greatly enjoy exchanging ideas with you and you have helped me to crystalize a number of things (things that are quite difficult for me to exactly…put my finger on….).


          • My LB doesn’t have the tool or any of the extras, because it was an ebay purchase, I believe (a gift). I’ve seen “stuff” online about the swap systems and didn’t try to figure it out – just wanted to deal with what I have….the adapter is in fact loose, I’ve figured out, so thanks for that hint – it’s obvious but I needed the hint, still. Not sure if a tighter adapter would make that much difference in the long run. Anyway, I took it out again the other day and got some images I was really happy with, put them into a post, and will have that up next week, while I’m in NYC. It would be fun to try it for street shots in the city, but the size is an issue – I’m trying to travel as light as possible when walking around. So maybe just a few small lenses for that & my phone. Here are some of the photos:


            You’re very kind to say I’ve helped – the feeling is mutual…


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