10 thoughts on “Coming, Going & Sitting Empty

  1. I love them – that lighting is beautiful the three elements in the second photo are enough, but then as a series, the motorcycle (bike?) and car add so much poignancy. You get to the heart of things without difficulty.

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    • Thanks much. I’d really like to try this again with a tripod sometime. I did this handheld and high-iso, so they’re pretty gritty and not all framed quite the same.

      It’s the view off our front porch, late at night. Usually pretty constant traffic but one of the city’s best parks is right there. It’s kind of a weird, dichotomous place for a nature-loving city by to live but rather appropriate too.
      More on that topic soon….


      • Thank you for that. I loved it. So, you could set up a tripod on the porch. Why not try it? I confess I never use them, I’m too impatient, slow as I am in some ways. Any noise there is in these looks right, I think – sometimes it’s a good thing. But since you have the view right there at home, experimenting seems a good idea.
        It’s funny, we’re in a busy, suburban part of the Seattle outskirts, and we get many of those sounds. A few we don’t get, but I used to get in NYC. However, instead of on a street across from a park, we’re in an apartment complex at a corner that juts into the woods, so we have tall, tall fir trees all around, and very close to the building. Still, the ambulances, the dull roar from the highway 3 blocks away…

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        • Yeah. I’m almost always a hand-held shooter. I will often pack my (cheap, crappy, plasticky) tripod on trips and then lug it around for hours and never use it. Some kind of guilt thing. Like “serious” nature photographers use tripods, therefore….
          Maybe the noise in these is just a match for the noise of the street across which I shoot…


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