A dearth…


…of activity, that is…

…around here…

…on this here blog.

Working on changing that.

Working on entering the world of Trying To Get Published.

So…not so many poems to share for a bit…

…but some assays into essay in the pipe…

…and the photos….always the photos…

…to maybe spruce this place up a bit.

Green things are growing.

Critters are creeping.

And beauty?

It’s there…

…if you look close….


5 thoughts on “A dearth…

  1. Oh yes, beauty is there, I mean here. I’m happy to see your photos anytime! No worries about the lack of activity if it’s because you’re busy with other things. The first photograph goes perfectly with your intro, and is wonderful. And I love the Bluebells with the prism colors, as well as the others…and the ladybug. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Lynn–I appreciate your words. My schedule is just a bit too kooky for my usual necessary ruminations. I’m working a lot of split shifts so my day is cut up into chunks.
      That dry old branch was from quite a while ago. I was being lazy and rolling with what was already hiding on my desktop so I’m glad it worked.
      The prism-isms are another “flaw” of the Lensbabies that can be used to advantage. The flare can get pretty crazy. Maybe there’s my next photo-post…
      Thanks as always for stopping by–


      • I totally get it about schedules – now that I’m not working a zillion hours/wk I can do so much more. Split shits are hard. Rolling with what’s handy, when it works like that, is NOT lazy! Give yourself a break!
        I’m finally jumping onto the Lensbaby wagon – I was given an older one recently and am waiting for an adapter to arrive from China. I hope I’m able to work with it!
        Good to hear from you –

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        • You are so right. “Split shits” really suck.
          And so do split shifts. 😉

          A new LBAby for you? SWEET! Which one? An old one, you say? My favorite is still the Original. Pretty much just a single glass element (uncoated double convex) on the end of piece of flexible vacuum cleaner hose.
          But man, the images you can get with it.

          If you have any problems/questions please let me know. I’d love to help. I have been accused (by Lensbaby staff) of being a Lensbaby Evangelist. It is a title I gladly and proudly accept.

          Always good talking with you–


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