Monday’s Music Box: My new favorite….

…track, album, band.  You name it.

Amazing sounds from a group that I have not been able to find out much about except that they are from Argentina.

With a touch of Africa, Asia and Jazz….

Stunning work.

Such a broad range of sounds, colors and textures.

A dream of an aural landscape for the mind to wander in.

Beautiful, beautiful music.

17 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Box: My new favorite….

    • Wow, Lynn–Thank you SO much for these links! More info than I was able to find…your Google-fu is formidable indeed.

      I found them particularly rewarding as I found all of the instruments that I had heard on the album filmed in the video and/or mentioned in the article. Gratified to find that my ears and my many years of listening to world music allowed me to correctly pin down the instrumentation.

      Thank you! And you have again improved my day as well!


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