Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: Mogwai

More Post-Rock pleasures….

…this time from Scottish lads, Mogwai.

They (Mogwai) disdain the categorization “Post-Rock” and I can’t say that I blame them.  I feel more and more these days that genre is dead.  Music is music.  Categories and genres are just unnecessary baubles for the pin-heads to talk about.  This coming from a self-labeled pseudo-intellectual (moi).

Still, it helps me find shit I dig on Youtube.

How is it I dig this stuff but can’t stand most “jam bands”?  Perhaps it is because of their self-awareness, their disdain for categories, genres.  I am a Pink Floyd child after all.

Guitars, guitars and more guitars.


Gotta love that album title, too.

Happy Dystopian Monday!

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Box, Soundtrack for Surfing: Mogwai

  1. I like some of the Mogwai but can never make it through an album of theirs. Post rock as a definition means to me I might not have to listen to junk pop, electronica bubble gum, or some other commercial fare that is disturbingly anti-art, and from that standpoint, I don’t mind the genre definition. Of course, there’s always “Noise Rock” and that is good for some great art too. I’ve been on a Swans kick ever since their comeback, or at least Michael Gira’s comeback.

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    • I have found that it depends a lot on my mood as with so many kinds of music. I definitely like their later stuff better. They seem to get more “refined” for lack of a better word. Also I do find myself readjusting the volume repeatedly when I listen to them.

      Did you see last weeks Monday post? We Lost The Sea. You might like them.

      Yup. Labels are at least as good jumping off point. I cut my teeth on Pink Floyd and ELP so a lot of this stuff feels like a natural progression (pun intended).

      Not familiar with the Swans. I’ll check them out.

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