The weight of grey


It is so much to bear.

So much on his shoulders.

He feels the weight of it upon him.

Such pressure.  Such weight that he

cannot even grasp it all.

And yet….

And yet….

He looks down—always down—at his iron legs,

at his stone feet mired, rooted in the pavement.

“If you could just turn, just the littlest bit…”

“Right there….just over your…”

But no.  You do not know.

It is a darkness you can not know.

It is too much.



2 thoughts on “The weight of grey

    • Thank you, Xan.

      Yes, there is both a pulling
      down and a lifting up in this.

      There is a physical sensation
      that I feel when I look at this
      that I have felt before, sometimes
      while doing standing meditation,
      but it is hard to put into words.


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