Cinquain Chain: Links 27 & 28 (NaPoWriMo 2016)

(Links 27 & 28 of a poetry exchange between Natalie and myself. Making a chain of 
cinquains [a Cinq-chain?] in an effort to "un-chain our muses.") 
(I think we have enough Chain-Links to make a Fence....)

what dead thing are
the vultures circling?
There is always a corpse somewhere

there are blossoms
breathing in the dark night.
Why is the air so empty in
our dreams?

Our dreams
where we descend
with stones in our pockets
like Virginia into the dark
water —

which bears the weight
and weeps to consume us
and delivers our bodies back
to land.

To land
in a place such
as this, to fall like bombs
into an abyss. Sky becomes

waits for what falls.
The bones of thoughts lie half-
remembered, settling, eaten
by time

by time
which wavers like
curtains at a window
devoured by moths, mice, and men
until –

time stands with a
backbone of its own and
says with breath from a distant wind:

of this wasteland
pantomime, this taste that
still waits on the edge of our tongue’s

of the mind’s end,
end of the places where
we can offer our selves any

yourself knowing
there are seas beyond these
sand dunes, once you blink and open
your eyes

your “I”s
left behind like
so many broken shells
once you realize mankind is
one man

one man
walks alone, as
kind as his dreams will
let him be, real eyes seeing more
and more

and more
than won men can
handle, more than bartered
men can bet on, until they close
their eyes.

Their eyes
flicker like light—
bulbs in dusty attics,
following him into the dark

no man should go
until he has learned the
way of the rat and the raven
and Poe

and Po,
the old poet,
knew that life in the world
is just a big dream and not worth

with nought but wine
since we ever know that
nothing will never be the same

I see my own
eyes peering out at me
from someone else’s face – I must
free them

free them
before they rot
the soft skull that holds them.
Some thoughts should not be thought, or so
we think

We think
we know what our
eyes are doing when our 
ears are listening to the soft
tick, tick

tick, tick
of the bones as 
they settle and soften
in their assigned places in the 
yourself in the
same place Sylvia saw
terrible fish – grasp what you can

it leaves your hands
the way all wild things must —
let it go before it gasps and
goes limp

goes limp,
slips through your last
frightened fingers into
the gas, into the last space left
to them

to them
that see the world
for what it is.  They see
into the dark corners that we
do not

Do not
go wandering
or wondering where they
make their homes – those are unholy

where reflections
are more real than the
faces that cast them and move with
free will

free will
not be easy
and easy will never be
simple and the hardest things are

land is a far
away place where nothing
ever happens, no one dies and
we’re bored

...keepin' the Po in NaPoWriMo...

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