NaPoWriMo, 2016, Day 1–Cinquain of starting over….

...because I have to start somewhere.  And April is the cruelest place to start.  
And I am a glutton for self-inflicted cruelty.  
Like making myself finish one poem a day when I can barely bring myself to write 
one word a day.
Because why not?
Because I need this.
Because I need this more than I need all these other things.

Chinquain of Starting

Is this
as important
as all the other things
that I must also be doing?
It is.

Here's to hoping I don't write a bunch of crap.

...keepin' the Po in NaPoWriMo...

14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo, 2016, Day 1–Cinquain of starting over….

    • (grin back) 🙂
      Hopefully for a while.
      It’s been rough getting back into the swing of things, creatively. My output has slowed to a trickle. So this is my attempt to kickstart the horse by putting the cart before it.


  1. Nice to see you back …

    …and, you’re right: sometimes (meaning often) writing is about forcing yourself to write … one word at a time.


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