5 thoughts on “The city makes ghosts of itself, 7

    • Thank you Alice. Part of the effect is achieved because of the lens. The Edge 80 has the glass element itself on a kind of ball-and-socket joint which allows you to tilt the focal plane off of its normal parallel position in relation to the film/sensor plane. The images in this series so far were all taken during one morning breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown StL. There is a table that sits in the corner with glass on all sides. There are recessed doorways on either side of the table which are also glass-lined which adds yet more reflective surfaces.

      I have taken many pictures that have this multiple exposure feel to them by shooting reflections in glass. The light has to be balanced just right between the inside and outside for it too look quite this layered. Plus this particular location has so many surfaces/planes intersecting that it becomes kind of fun-house-y.
      This particular series came with that kid-in-the-candy-store feeling when I discovered what kind of images I was getting. I am now on the look-out for other such spots….

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