We (k)(n)ow(e)

We (k)(n)ow(e)

we could just 

walk away

we don't owe 
any one 
any thing

we don’t know

but we 


we have 
a terrible 

from time 

to time
(f)or all time


we are called

and don’t
get off easy

or easily

this is why 
the dying 
child fights

they know 
what we have learned 
to forget

7 thoughts on “We (k)(n)ow(e)

  1. I like the e.e. cummings flavour but what I like even more is your sentiment.

    Yes, we are called. Again. And the calling isn’t going to stop just because we want it to or think ourselves capable of thinking up what we believe are “clever” or “sensible” reasons to turn away.

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    • Thank you, Jeremy. That e.e. element is something I started playing with on Poemtstry. Sort of a cross between poetry and mathematical set theory. I don’t know how accurately that really applies, definition-wise, but I like the idea of implying more than one ordinary English word with one word using brackets-combining meanings–blending.
      The original working title for this was “matter,” as in we don’t get to choose whether we “matter” to others or not.


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