1 thought on “Poemtstry: A poet is….

  1. The quote is what it is. My problem is that poets especially nowadays seem to think poetry is some sacred mantra, some thing that has a great essence of being over the other arts. I doubt that Picasso ever did not say he has a painter. I think there is nothing sacred about poetry except for the fact that it is another art form. Poetry is not special from all the others. My gut feeling is that poets themselves feel self-conscious of their art–in part because there are so many of them and as a result much bad poetry. That poets seems to have a need to boost the standing of poetry in the world. It is the individual poem, just like any individual piece of art that rises to a point where it makes a difference to the world. If you had asked W.H. Auden what he was he would have said he was a poet. I think it is important to make the statement if only for oneself because it makes you want to write good poetry. I write good poetry and have no compunctions in calling myself a poet. It is how I define myself as a person. I see no need for keeping what you do or aspire to do some secret. Poetry is not prayer, it is work and failure and success. >KB


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