What is poemtstry?

Well, it’s a neologism, for one thing.  A new word to encompass the concepts of (poem+poet+poems+poets+poetry).  Poetics and meta-poetics.

It is also the name of my new blog.  A place to share, discuss and perhaps even argue (good-naturedly, of course) about what all these things mean to us.

It’s a work in progress.  I’m still feeling my way around.  Still figuring things out.

As of now, I will be posting once weekly at least to begin with, sharing quotes from poets and others about what these things mean or meant to them.  I am attempting, as means of structuring things, to limit these quotes to only those that contain the words:  A poem is…, A poem does…, Poems are…, Poems do…, A poet is…, A poet does…, Poets are…, Poets do…, Poetry is…, Poetry does…

Poemtstry is a way to try and put all of that into one word.

Trust me.  It’s easier to read than [poe/m/t(s)try], which is how my brain sees it.

So if you care about poetry, you’ll head strait over to poemtstry.wordpress.com, and see what all the hubbub is about.

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