Monday’s Music Box: Half Moon Run

My new favorite band.  I simply can not get enough of these guys.

Four guys from Quebec that convince me yet again that most music from the US just….well….

They are so F***ing good that I could not decide what to share.  So I made a playlist of the tracks they did in studio for BBC-1.  Recorded live.  Simply stunning.  They’ve got it all.  Texture, dynamics, harmonies out of this world, killer lyrics, and yes, they all play multiple instruments, usually during the same song and often at the same time.  The drummer’s killing me with the keyboards.  More talent than I can wrap my head around.

All four of these tracks are from their 2012 release, Dark Eyes, which you can listen to in its entirety on youtube right now.

Their new album, Sun Leads Me On, comes out October 23.

My thanks again to Tiffany Coffman for turning me on to these guys.


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