Monday’s Music Box: Changes, Fortunes, Misfortunes and Circumstances

Our world is turned on its head.  We are reinventing ourselves.  We are reinventing our Selves.

We are closing–after less than a year and a half–the doors of our beloved café.  It is for good.  We want to believe it is for the best.  For us all.  This was a dream whose time was not now.  The cost was too high.  We have no more to give.

We are closing–after over ten years–our catering business.  This has been our world.  This has been our life.  We are tired.  We are getting old before our time.

We are moving, as well, our home.  We are down-sizing.  By a ratio of seven to one.

Our world is turned on its head.

We are frightened but we are also excited about new beginnings.  More time together. More time to pursue what really matters to us, what we truly value in our selves as persons.  Our art.  Our words.  Our music.

We are ready for a new life.  We are ready for new lives.


No music this week.  Words instead.

This story has been much on my mind.

We all live in a cloud of unknowing.

At times, this becomes much more apparent.

(Many thanks to juntamng for sharing this story.)




6 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Box: Changes, Fortunes, Misfortunes and Circumstances

  1. Reminds me of a saying by Lao Tzu:

    Yield and overcome;
    Bend and be straight;
    Empty and be full;
    Wear out and be new;
    Have little and gain;
    Have much and be confused.

    Good luck!


  2. We are struggling with this issue right now, too. San Francisco is such an expensive city. Have been trying to buy a house, and it’s turning into an ongoing funhouse ride. Not sure yet what we’ll do. Good luck to you, and please keep posting no matter where you land. Best wishes to you, your wife and the magpie.


  3. I am totally rooting for you! But I feel bad for all those who must love the atmosphere – that I can only imagine – of your cafe. Still, you must do the hard thing, and it will be full of unknowimg, and it will be unnerving.


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