NaPoWriMo / NaPoREADMo — Day 4 — Rain

(Thanks to all who have liked and/or 
commented. It's 11:30pm.  Been on my feet since 7:30am.  
I promise I will respond to your comments as soon as I can.)

When it rains
I get wet
and I walk on down the street.

When it does not rain
I do not get wet
and I walk on down the street.

Whether it is raining or not,
the puddles speak to me.

Molecules want molecules
to remember their common origin.

They therefore admit, 
these bodies all around,
ocean to ocean,
cloud to cloud,
water to water;
unsure, uncertain scope 
of the circumspection 
of return 
to life.

3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo / NaPoREADMo — Day 4 — Rain

  1. This poem resonates deeply with me. We are in year four of the Big Drought. California and her 38 million people and my little family pod have one year of water left to share among us all. Perhaps we’ll see you in Saint Louis before too long.

    Keep reading. I enjoy being read to each morning by you.

    It does not rain
    I do not get wet
    and I walk on down the street

    I speak to the puddles
    that are not here
    their silence is my answer

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    • Your words reminded me just how careful we must be with our words and our thoughts. They have more ripples than we realize.
      I just went and squeezed down our two leaky faucets in the kitchen. We are very lucky.

      If you come, we will feed you.
      And water you.
      Do take care.

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      • Yes. Words are way more powerful than those at the helm of our great nation would have us believe. Keep using the right ones, Dear.

        We are watching and waiting and knowing that everything changes. Life unfolds. I practice refraining from becoming attached to attachments.

        “If you come, we will feed you.
        And water you.
        Do take care.”

        These words of yours made tears come to my eyes. Thanks so much. I feel less alone out here.

        “In action watch the timing” Tao Te Ching

        “Don’t go back to sleep” Alice Keys


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