Quoets for Poets — …the perfect poem…

(Another one from Mr. Graves...because Lynn and I were talking about the "P" word...
and with a photo [for phoets?] because lucking into the fatherhood of this little girl is 
the closest I figure I'll ever get to achieving it and yes.....it is more than enough. )


“Though, of course, a perfect poem is impossible. 
Once it had been written, the world would end.
—-Robert Graves

13 thoughts on “Quoets for Poets — …the perfect poem…

    • I tend to think that perfection is an illusion and an impossibility
      hence the perfect poem is impossible.
      perhaps if there a perfect poem were possible,
      then there would be no need for all these imperfect ones that we feel so driven to write
      perhaps if such a thing were
      to happen somehow it would not mean
      only the end of the world
      but the beginning of the next
      which amounts to the same thing
      as the mending of this one
      perhaps, each of our little imperfections
      (our impoefections?)
      are little stitches in the healing of the world,
      though to be true i have a hard time seeing them as much more than
      bandaids for cancer
      they are a better balm
      than the bottle
      or the bobbin
      or the boob-toob
      they are the best that I have.
      (trying not to sound morose…and
      not doing a very good job of it.)
      Much love and thanks for the food for thought.
      You got me thinkin’ and spinnin’ again.

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  1. A perfect photo, and a perfect quote.

    And, there are some almost perfect poems … and some poems that seem pretty gosh darn perfect … but, I’m not ready for the world to end quite yet … so, I can live without the perfect poem for a while. 🙂

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