the script

we get so tired of the script

the parts we play
unwittingly and wittingly

the repeated acts of self preservation
the auto self immune systems 

the soft signals we send
come to mean so little
come to be but the things that we do
when we want to feel like there’s something—anything—
that makes sense
that we can count on
that we can say reassures us

what we can say measures us

like brushing a lone loose lock 
of hair from the eyes

like the nervous smoothing-out 
of creases in a dress 

6 thoughts on “the script

    • I am still thinking about this, Alice. I wrote it, it sat in my files for months, then last night it told me it was ready. I changed only a few words (pronouns mostly), a bit of punctuation and lineation and posted it and I am still trying to figure it out. I’m afraid to look too close. I think I will lose it if I scrutinize it too much. there is something almost like a shiver that I feel when I think about those last four lines. I think I will just live with it for a while. Perhaps tomorrow I will stand with it.
      Thank you–


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