Monday’s Music Box: Feel-Good Music, Life is better with you…

….all.  Yes, all of you!

A new feature here on A Prayer Like Gravity.  Just for fun, every Monday, I will be sharing some of my favorite musical discoveries.

I love music.  A lot of music.  A lot of VERY diverse music.

I love to share.  I hope you enjoy, but what I really hope is that you discover something new that you had no idea you would enjoy.

Music is much like food.  You should never be afraid to try anything.

More than once.  Tastes change and grow.

Taste takes time.

This song is a big THANK YOU to all who have followed, liked and especially shared your thoughts, your words, your worlds with me.

Hard not to smile at this gem by Michael Franti…one of Magpie’s new faves:

13 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Box: Feel-Good Music, Life is better with you…

    • Glad you enjoyed, Alice. A bit fluffy for my usual tastes, but it is fun and it does convey my feeling about my loyal followers. Especially those who have become friends. 🙂

      I think you (and your family) will enjoy much of what I have in store. Do I remember correctly that one of your boys was/is learning to play the ney?

      This is a relatively easy way for me to keep something happening on APLG on at least a weekly basis for sure, along with my Phriday Photos. I just am not producing as much poesy as I would like lately…..


      • JCC,
        Yes. Excellent memory. The ney is such an obscure (but haunting) instrument. My older boy plays the ney.

        It’s good to keep your blog active. It will help stay connected to us folks out here in internet land. And that old poetry muse of yours will be back soon. I can feel it.:-)


        Liked by 1 person

        • The muse is still here….somewhere.
          She just spends a little more time nodding off in some corner somewhere, bored perhaps with the lack of attention. She still sees fit to feed me a dribble or two from time to time.

          I’m fairly certain that she has come to reside in my navel for, you see, she only seems to blossom fully forth when I have ample time to gaze into said bodily almost-orifice, thereby stirring her and stimulating her with my ogling……


    • Ah, thank you for sharing that Suzy–such a sad and powerful sentiment. I think that song got posted since Mags and I went on our Franti binge…..
      So glad you found something here to enjoy!
      Just what I was hoping for with these music posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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