11 thoughts on “Phriday Photo — Skywires 6, Solids slip

    • Thanks Alice–most of these were taken from behind the wheel (at stop-lights or after pulling over, I promise), but I have gotten out of the habit of taking my camera with me on my now-very-routine-really-only-three-or-four-to-speak-of routes about the city….
      I’m running out of archived Skywires to post so perhaps I should make a point of taking it along when I can.


  1. there is a fascinating quality about the architecture of towers and power lines…not really sure what it is exactly but you have captured something here that really draws the eye and mind. And I agree with oneofaclass about the dichotomy of technology in the picture.

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    • Thanks Ron–your comment and oneofaclass’s have helped me to focus a bit on the shape of this series. Especially seen in this image–how these technologies are compositionally disconnected from the earth–I hadn’t done it intentionally, exactly, but almost all of these have no other structures in the frame and I like what that says visually about them.
      Thanks so much for the input–greatly appreciated.


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