a known from without the unknown

I don’t usually let my real-world potty-mouth soil the blog-o-sphere, but…

Sheer fucking brilliance,
Mr. Redford.
‘Nuff said.

Oh–and you MUST click through to the Original to get the (w)hole!

And to give this man the recognition he deserves!

Go!  Do it Now or I shall be yet again even MORE PROFANE!!!


when you
evendo not know –
can have an identitywhen you cannot know –
can have a certainty and youbut also cannot
of past and present and futurelet it be known
counterparts and doppelgängersthat you do not know
so that all your endlessyou have to state it is
a known from without the unknownbecause you exist
to ensure


circular poem wormhole: first a mishap then clear vision
identity wormhole: breathe it all / in
samsara wormhole: extrapolates
society wormhole: Batman#175
time wormhole: letters to Mum V – carrying on in duty and love

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6 thoughts on “a known from without the unknown

  1. The man is bloody under rated, I’m a huge fan of his Batman based poetry (yeah I know…trust me on this). I’ve invested hours looking through his weirdly built blog (wormholes as he calls them).


    • Love the man’s work. Been known to get lost in his wormholes many, many times.
      I’m afraid I’m not hip to a lot of the comics/graphic source material but so many of Mr. Redford’s related work transcends the genre and one has no need for pre-knowledge for sure.


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