i have long been enamored of you 

only lately have i found
with you


i have always been with you
for a long while
many times

i have found 
many selves
by your side

at the base of you

in your hair

at your feet

in the heart of you

in the heat of you

in the sweat and 
the grime of you

I did not come to you
late in life, but I
have only just
come to 

my coming
to you


and now
—just now—
we have only moments

and still
I find my self
and you have named me

19 thoughts on “founding

    • Thank you Natalie for your kind words. I am afraid (always) that I am never as self-aware as I think I am…..(some kind of strange paradox/conundrum in that, no?).
      Learning to hear the ticks, and maybe, hopefully, seeing some of the tocks coming before they arrive (again! yet again!) is often the best that we can hope for.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The “you” of the poem is not actually a person at all, but in some ways much bigger than almost any person could be for me. And it could certainly apply, anyway. I was thinking of Poetry (yes, with a capital P) personified, and how our relationship has changed over the years. She is like the perfect love that I did not deserve, and still, I am not certain…but I get closer every day, with every poem–more to the point, with every poem-making.

      Thank you Aud–always good to hear from you–


  1. Beautifully done – and not easy to be so elegantly spare and playful while alluding to complex philosophical ideas, I think! I found you through Bussokuseki and can see some common ground there.


    • Thank you so much. Your words are very kind.
      Bussokuseki is greatly respected.
      I am flattered that you see common ground shared.
      I think that I am not nearly as mindful, not nearly as in the world. I have had a hard time finding a still-point lately. Life and business muddy the pool sometimes.


    • Aha! One of my favorite quotes.
      Thank you–“set by with great care”–love that. Makes me think of poems as jars of canned peaches, pickled green beans, apple butter and black raspberry preserves.
      Always good to save some for spring.


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