old tires

remorse and regret—
two old tires, retreaded too

many times, that go 
whUmpwhuMp, all the way 

down the highway, making you 
wonder when they’ll blow 

(always hit the road with fresh rubber, eh, Alice?)

6 thoughts on “old tires

  1. Ha! I have a notebook called “I used to be … a car tyre” – the cover is made out of a recycled tyre. On the back cover is a blurb that says: “My last wish is to be recycled not buried or burnt. If you can’t recycle me please send me back to my maker.” … which stopped me short – wHumP;

    unfortunately the company that produced this has gone into administration


  2. Very nice poem, JCC. I’ve been thinking and dreaming a lot lately about the recycling of the human spirit. I must be channeling you. Maybe there’s a country song in this one.


    Honey. I’m sorry.
    None of this is your fault.
    I’ve been re-treaded
    once too often after
    too many highway miles
    driven hard and long

    send me home to my maker
    to be ground and recycled
    into black asphault pavement
    cover that long highway
    with my body and soul


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