Only One Story

An absolutely phenomenal piece by a phenomenal poet.
Natalie deserves your rapt attention.
If, at her age, I had possessed half the talent and a quarter of the wisdom that this young lady does, I would have possessed more of both than I do now….


I’m returning to this scene like a dog

limping its way home after

being left by the highway,

look, here it comes:

the burning rooftop,

a gun in your mouth,

and the whole world

a shouting distance

from nothing at all.

This is how I like my heroes,

in the dark, locked out of

every house on the street,

broken six ways to Sunday,

this is how I like my tragedy.

This is how I like my love,

green and oozing,

that gets under your skin

and leaves someone dead

by the end of it, this is

how I like my romance.

We always end up here:

here on the asphalt,

here on the black and the dirt

where children used to

run in circles, where nothing

has changed and we’re still

children and we’re still running,

this is how I like my reminders.

Bring me back to this, always:

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