No Matter

No matter 
what you do, 
float or swim, 
life is life
whether you 
float or not.

There is no 
point.  There are 
no things to 
find.  There is 
nothing that 
matters.  There 
is no more 
matter there 
and nothing 
to hold on 
to any-
where.  There is 
nothing to 
fight for and 
nothing to 
refuse and
only by 
letting all 
these things go
can there be
ever be 
any be
finding be.

The world as it is

The world as it is,
just as it is,
without embellishment,
without ornament superfluous,
is already mind-fuckingly 

If you don't think so,
then you must 
see the night sky 
from a mountain top
at 10,000 feet
on a bitter cold
and wind-scoured
spring night.

The Milky Way
will rip your 
mind open.

You can see
the lines of 
your own hand
in that light

and you will know
what they mean.