Wednesday Witty-schism, 5/28/14

(my mind's continuing verbal wars with itself)

“You can not
find love.
Love must find you.
In order for love
to find you,
you must make of your self
a big hole.
How could one fall
in love with you
if there is nowhere
to fall?”

16 thoughts on “Wednesday Witty-schism, 5/28/14

    • Aw, crap….I do that all the time.

      Funny thing…I had a buddy once whose dating strategy involved doing everything “wrong” that he could think of on a first date….be at your worst, curse, be rude, don’t open the door for her, make her pay for dinner, get snot-slinging drunk and make her hold YOUR hair while you puke.

      He figured, if you did all that and she still wanted a second date then you had nothing to worry about from there on out.

      I don’t know if it really works, but last I heard he’d been with the same (hot) girl for 8+ years….


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