The Poem in Question…

...from when it was Time For Bed...


The Nature’s Song

The wind
whistles past the summer
stream, The sun shines of a
beautiful beam,
The colorful animals
from all around,
Make their noises with 
perfect sound.
The songs of birds drift
past the trees,
With millions and millions
of bumble bees,
buzzing in their hive
with plenty of honey,
To bees, the honey is
mostly like money,
From all around the world,
animals stir,
The worlds full of 
     and different sound
The animals all have their
own type of song.


(I refrained from doing anything but normalizing the spelling....
Love what she's doing here with her syntax and sentence structure.)

4 thoughts on “The Poem in Question…

  1. I will be reading this to my infant daughter. This is a terrific poem and I absolutely love the spirit behind it.


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